Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant proud of its growth and the ongoing professional development of its staff. Recognizing the value of customer satisfaction. Our goals are to provide exceptional service with quality results in a timely manner.
We offer testing and assurance services in the fields of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals, Food & Chemicals, Ayurvedic, Microbiological, Environment (Air Quality,Indoor Air,DG Stack,DG Noise, All Types Water & Soil), Building Materials, Toy testing , Paper , MSW, Coal ,Sanitizer and mask testing  etc.


Creative Analytical Lab & Consultant delivers innovative and responsive solutions based on clear understanding of the customer’s needs and objectives through analysis and application of sound scientific and engineering principles and at the same time taking the regulatory framework and the community & surroundings into consideration.



We are dedicated towards enhancing the customer experience by offering world-class proven product and trusted services that are safe, environment-friendly and are delivered with the state-of-the-art technology.





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